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Newest Hipot Tester

The new Chroma 19056/19057 Hipot Analyzer is specifically designed for testing and analyzing ultra-high withstand voltage. The series includes 10kVac/12kVdc/20kVdc units with maximum AC20mA/DC10mA output which can perform AC/DC withstand voltage, insulation resistance, breakdown voltage tests with contact check during production line testing.

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Chroma 19056/19057 Hipot Analyzer

Most Requested Testers

The Guardian 6000 Plus: A 5-in-1 Safety Analyzer performing 5 safety test functions in one box including AC/DC Hipot, insulation resistance, grounding resistance and dynamic leakage current. The dynamic leakage current scan device (A190308) can be connected externally or built into the Guardian 6000 Plus. It is capable of measuring complex safety requirements (IEC60601-1), installs and operates easy, and is the best choice to increase test efficiency. The Guardian 6000 Plus is the most powerful single unit for safety compliance testing.

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Guardian 6000 Plus Electrical Safety Analyzer







The Guardian 1030s Hipot Tester combines both AC and DC Hipot tests and Insulation Resistance measurements with 8HV scan channel capabilities. Front panel operation, digital display, and user friendly controls allows test parameters and limits to be set easily without the high voltage activating.

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Guardian 1030s Hipot Tester AC / DC / IR